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27 February 2006 @ 03:28 pm
bloody fucking hell  
Okay, so I really shouldn't swear, but bloody hell!! I swear, the last day of clinicals are totally and completely fucked for me. Remember when I got a flat battery? Then again, at least that time I got a cute mechanic to come out and help.

Well, anyway, got my second speeding ticket last night - last day of clinicals while on my way home. I was, like, five motherfucking minutes from home when they pulled me the fuck over. And, of course, it so happened to be the one day I didn't bother bringing my wallet or any type of ID whatsoever, because, fuck it, what was gonna happen? Why the fuck are speed cameras out at 8 fucking pm on a fucking Sunday night anyway? I zoomed past the police vehicle, which had just turned their headlights on, and (like the last speeding ticket) I just knew that it was for me. Fucking hell.

Usual BS questions, of course. 114 in a 100 zone. Any reason? Blah blah blah. No, it's all good. Give me the damn ticket. It'll be five minutes. Whatever. Another $150. And to think that my tax return was going towards paying off my credit card. Fucking bastards.

Okay, I have more to bitch about, but I can't be fucked. Stupid uni. Stupid USQ. Stupid cops.